How to win a client by building trust

Our client

Wedge operates 14 state-of-the-art galvanizing plants in the UK and is an industry leader. Its history dates back over 150 years – from a backyard workshop to the international company it is today.

Still family-controlled, Wedge has a well-established reputation in the European steel galvanizing sector as well as a growing global presence.


Our task this time was to cover all their design needs across 14 UK plants. This means spinning a lot of plates.

But, as an experienced brand and design agency, we felt ready for the challenge. Our main objective was to build trust with our client – we knew things would only work if we invested in getting to know the people at Wedge.


From day one, we worked hard to create strong relationships, especially with the marketing manager, our central contact at HQ who outsources each project.


Gradually, we succeeded by showing we had the appropriate skills, knowhow and attitude. We think it’s so important to collaborate and make our customers happy. Check out Our Mission page if you want to know more.

After building a strong rapport, we agreed a monthly retainer and have been working with Wedge successfully since 2009.

Now, over 10 years on, we’re proud to have such a long-standing, loyal client.

“Wedge Group Galvanizing have been working with Hope Creative for 11 years and we feel they are an extension of our marketing team. Their work has always been to a high standard and they are always on hand to turn around projects quickly when needed.”

Claire Jones
Marketing Executive
Wedge Group

December 2020