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Does your brand pass the ethics test?

People are buying from ethical brands more and more – we’re becoming values-based consumers. So we want to know if your brand passes the ethics test. Every brand we help to develop is always built on whatever drives that business – its purpose and the genuine customer promises it stands by. We call this brand […]

Why you need to understand the power of your brand

It’s really important right now to understand the power of your brand and the difference it can make to your business. This is because the world has changed since the global pandemic – we’re questioning the fundamental way we live and work. And this includes redefining the things we value most, the people we trust […]

Why your brand is your best business asset

We believe that your brand is your greatest business asset – no matter what you sell, how big you are or where in the world you work. Yes, this is a bold statement for us to make so let’s talk you through our reasoning. We’ve already posted about brand value, explaining why this intangible asset […]

How much is your brand worth to your business?

Every business has a brand and every brand has a value. Do you know how much your brand is worth as a business asset? Probably not if you’re reading this post! So, we’ve put together six simple steps to help you work it out. But, first of all, let’s remind you why brand is so […]

How your brand adds value to your business

Do you understand how much your brand actually adds to the value of your business? If you’re looking to merge, sell or attract investors, it’s really important to know this. It’s also helpful because you can make the right case for spending money on your brand because you know it adds to the bottom line. […]

How to keep your brand real and relevant

If your brand is authentic, people will buy your products and services. It’s as simple as that! But making sure that your brand is real and relevant isn’t that easy. It takes time and effort to build an identity that stays the distance – especially in these very challenging times. So here are two things […]

Five ways to improve your online brand presence

If there’s one thing every business should have learned through lockdown, it’s the importance of having an online brand presence. That’s because doing business digitally is here to stay. But if you’re not convinced, there are some pretty compelling statistics emerging. Yes, no matter which survey you read, it appears that over 80% of people […]